International Patient

International Patient

The Himalayan Eye Institute welcomes foreign nationals who wish to avail of our services. Our International Patient's Services Desk is happy to provide all required support to foreign patients to ensure they have a pleasant experience in getting the best possible eye care services.

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International Patient Testimonial

Duptho Rinzin

"Another trip to Himalayan Eye Institute, Siliguri with my Root Guru. Cataract surgery on both Eyes of my Guru is done and my mission is finally accomplished. Fully satisfied with the surgeries, 81 years old Rangshikhar Rimpoche says that now his vision is better than when he was 25 years old"... Duptho Rinzin, Bhutan.

Duptho Rinzin, a successful businessman and social activist from Bhutan flew down to Siliguri with his Guru, 84-years old "Rangshikhar Lama" to The Himalayan Eye Institute who was suffering from age-related cataract in both eyes. The revered Lama underwent successful cataract surgeries by our eye surgeon, Dr. Supratik Banerjee. During a follow-up examination, the excellent post-operative visual outcome was recorded. It was a moment of joy for the entire hospital team, when Rangshikhar Lama bestowed his blessings on the Institute, before embarking on a journey to Bhutan with his favorite disciple."