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Optical Store

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Crystal Optical

Our Optical division, Crystal Optical, provides you variety of frames of every style. We have a unique balance with quality and affordability of frames with current style with comfort. We also have a wide range of unique frames available both classical and trendy. Designer and branded frames too are available like Idee, Rayban, Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger. Crystal Optical is one of North Bengal's leading optical showrooms and outlets. Besides Siliguri, we have our outlets in Belakoba, Jalpaiguri, and Islampur.

Brands Available at Crystal Optical

Tommy Hilfiger
Ray Ban
Vogue Eyewear
Scott Eyewear
Cooper Vision

Choose The Best LVA For You

Wide Range of Lenses

Lenses available range from regular plastic lenses to the latest lenses like unbreakable Polycarbonate, super high index thin lenses. We provide lenses from Blue light filter lenses, Scratch-Resistant coated (SRC) Lenses, Anti-Reflective (ARC) Lenses, Photochromatic or Day-Night Lenses that suits your lifestyle, and requirement. The lens manufacturers are carefully chosen to keep in mind our high regard for complete patient safety.

Lenses Available at Crystal Optical

Extra-thin lenses (High Index Lenses) for very high power prescription

Extra-thin lenses are available from the world's leading high-index lens manufacturer. These lenses are thinner than normal index lenses and are more cosmetically acceptable. lenses are advised for those who have high power prescription (more than +/- 4.00 D). The lightweight and thin design of the lens makes it more comfortable and trendy.

Progressive Lenses (Multi focal Lenses) for Presbyope (40+)

Progressive additional lens or multifocal lenses are the latest in the management of presbyopia (reading difficulty after the age of 40). These designs of lenses are not having any cumbersome lines like bifocals. Functionally, these designs are suited for daily wear as they do not obstruct the wearer from walking down from stairs, riding a bike/car without any image jump effect. Progressive design is especially suited for all presbyope especially those who have more computer use and active lifestyle. These are available in clear, blue light filter and photochromatic options. They are ideal for people who want to retain their youth and vitality.

Customized Single vision Lenses

These are mono-focal lenses for young professional who have short-sight, astigmatism or long-sight. These lenses are digital single vision lenses which are manufactured by aspheric design to reduce the peripheral distortion and aberration.

Prescription Sunglasses

Those who wear power spectacle, always want to wear fashionable sunglasses. But because of power, they cannot see with the sunglasses. We are specialized in making power sunglasses for you by which you will look trendy and stylish. If you have a vision problem that requires corrective prescription eyewear, you have several choices when it comes to sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are available for virtually any lens prescription, including single vision lenses, bifocal and progressive lens options. Prescription sunglasses are available in all lens materials, including high-index, polycarbonate, regular (CR-39) plastic, Trivex (a lightweight material similar to polycarbonate), and glass.

Anti Fatigue lenses

These lenses are designed for persons who have digital device exposure and computer use. Staring at screens throughout the day is pretty much unavoidable. But all that screen time can be hard on your eyes and may cause digital eye strain - even if you don't currently wear glasses. Because the screens are small, bright and we spend a lot of time staring at them, they make our eyes work hard. The most common conditions you can experience by staring at screens for too long are headaches, eye pain, fatigue, and dry eyes.

Myopia Control Glasses

Special glasses which can help in control of myopia progression using DIMS technology are available for children with rapidly increasing minus power.

Contact Lenses

Wider Options In

Contact Lenses

For those who don't want to wear spectacles full time, Contact lenses are a great alternative. And with so many varieties to choose from, nearly everyone can wear them. About 125 million people around the world wear contact lenses as an alternative to glasses for the correction of refractive errors (spectacle numbers). Crystal Optical offers you various contact lenses options including Soft contact lenses (including disposable), Toric contact lenses, Cosmetic contact lenses, Rigid Gas-permeable (semi-soft) contact lenses. Contact lenses are an excellent choice for nearly anyone who needs vision correction and doesn't want to wear eyeglasses full time.

Low Vision Clinic

Low Vision Clinic

There are certain diseases, congenital, hereditary, or acquired ones that may lead to a permanent partial or total loss of vision. Our aim is to provide optical aids to patients whose vision is poor and cannot be improved with spectacles, in order to maximize the use of their remaining vision.

There is a wide range of optical magnifying devices that can be used for a particular patient. hand-held magnifiers, stand magnifiers, illuminated magnifiers, distance, and near telescopic aids.

Only after low vision assessment and ophthalmological examination, as to what type of low vision aid is required in a particular case can be judged.

Computers and closed-circuit television are also useful as low vision aids. A Visual Support Service is also available to provide advice on non - optical aids, home support, training to develop skills to cope with sight loss.

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